A lease between the District and Old Lycoming Township to lease the township`s premises in 2029, 2031 and 2035 Green Avenue for junior Varsity baseball purposes. Jacob T. Anderson, temporary employee to teach mathematics at the college, $51,500. In terms of personnel, the Board of Directors accepted the resignations of part-time workers Miranda R. Bower and Ashytynne A. Harden and mary Jane Spangler, a part-time assistant. They also authorized the purchase of devices to replace the old network equipment that is currently installed at the District Service Centre for $64,582 $US. The purchase is made through the COSTARS contract and is paid with the budget of the technology department. The borough will follow the headings on the number of cases that will signal a return to the distant platform, he said. Brooke E. Rowles, to teach English/language at the college, $54,500. Kimberly A.

Felix, full-time administrative support I at the District Service Center`s Special Education Department, base rate of $25,844. Terrill A. Seward, part-time college assistant for full-time paraprofessional/college intervention specialist, base pay rate, $23,323. The figures cited by Bowers are circular cases reported on the state department of health dashboard. The board retroactively approved the purchase of 754 Dell Chromebooks and 754 Google Chrome management console management licenses from Dell Computers for $176,956. The purchase is made through the national competition sales contract and is paid with the county council`s cares grant. They approved the hiring of the following employees, their positions and salaries: Grace A. Kenny, a long-time substitute teacher, until the end of the second semester of the 2020-21 school year, unless she was laid off earlier to teach instrumental music at the Lycoming Valley Intermediate School, $51,500. “Our plan is to get the kids back into school… we`re comfortable with that,” he said. I hope the numbers will continue to be better. They are always higher than we like, of course, but they are more beautiful.

Amanda D. Funk, LPN, Alternative Health Technician, $20 per hour (LPN rate). The Act I index for the district, calculated by the country`s Ministry of Education, is 4.2 per cent. In passing a decision, the district agreed not to exceed this rate if it opted for tax increases. According to the decision, the borough finds that various tax levies and other sources of income “will be sufficient to balance the final budget of the school district for the next fiscal year, based on maintaining current tax rates or increasing tax rates by an amount less or equal to the Act 1 index.” Paige S. Trottieral Instructional Support Aide, high school sign language interpreters, $39,485. Michelle M. Wheeler and Madeline E. Wilk, alternates, $120 per day for the first 45 days and $130 per day beyond.

In other areas of activity, the Board of Directors confirmed that the tax rate for the 2021-22 school year would remain in the state-set inflation index. Nyric L. Gosley, 7th graded basketball head coach, $2,240. The payment of scholarships for this position may be modified or withheld if the activities for which the scholarships are paid are limited or do not occur due to the COVID 19 pandemic or other conditions that are not due to the randomness of the riding. Elizabeth L. Moores, to teach specialized education at Curtin Intermediate School, $54,500. Although students are staying in the Williamsport School District this week in a remote platform, it is expected to return To personal education on Monday, Superintendent Dr. Timothy S. Bowers told school board members. The Board of Directors also confirmed that the riding`s 2021-22 budget will remain in the state-mandated Act 1 index, meaning that any potential tax increase should not be greater than a fixed percentage.