The following specific conditions apply to all freeware licenses provided by Quest for Toad for DB2, Toad for Oracle and Toad for SQL Server. SALE AND IMPSEE UTILISATION: The licensee is required to account for and transfer all federal, regional and local taxes and/or tax and/or TAXE and/or import taxes levied during or after the end of the licence, including, but not limited, to taxes collected retroactively by a tax administration, net of taxes collected by the licensee at the time of the purchase. Under no circumstances is the licensee responsible for determining whether the corresponding tax is due by the taker. It is important to note that the word “you” applies under the specific conditions above to the organization (the corporation) that has acquired licenses. However, many companies are made up of several different legal entities and each of them may, over time, have acquired its own Quest software licenses. As a result, a problem can arise during a review when an organization is considered a single client. It is important to clarify this point in advance to determine how many legal entities have the right to purchase a freeware license in accordance with agreed contractual terms. The following terms and conditions apply to all free licenses provided by Quest: There is a high risk of non-compliance with freeware licenses for Quest software, in part because organizations often have more than five people using a toad program under a specific freeware license. Quest Software therefore conducts numerous software compliance audits in EMEA and NAMER either independently or through companies such as KPMG and Deloitte. Can you also confirm the standard license metric for TOAD – per user? By device? If per seat, what is the default definition of a “seat”? If an unauthorized or hacked license key is identified (during an audit), Quest software treats this very seriously. On September 9, 2016 at 09:02, NeilMurphy wrote “Toad for Oracle Product Licensing Console” indicates in the “Quantity” field the number of licenses (users) that can be used via the license key itself. If you purchased z.B a license for 5 Seat user licenses for Toad for Oracle Base Edition, this field is a reflection of “5.” If this field reflects a significant (or strange) amount, it is most likely a pirate license key.

A typical amount used for pirated copies is “65.535.” SOFTWARE PROPERTY: The licensee cannot be authorized, can only be sold under the conditions set out in this ECJ, and the licensee and its licensors reserve all rights that are not expressly granted to the licensee.