TIP: In almost all cases of creative work (z.B. a logo you pay for designing it), copyright remains the responsibility of the author, whether or not it was created on your behalf. If you use a contractor to manufacture copyrighted material, make sure that the contract involves the transfer of these protections, so that you own all the rights to the materials you paid for. 1. Overview Almost all companies have confidential and private information, product plans and customer lists to software and plans. In many cases, the disclosure of such confidential information could seriously harm a company, especially when that information is in the hands of competitors. In addition, in our technological world, data can cover the entire world in a matter of hours (if not minutes). Other characteristics of a small business may be the property of the institution, when it covers smaller market sectors, has fewer locations, employs fewer full-time employees and is less profitable (compared to a smaller or larger firm). An enterprise contract is a contract between two commercial entities, merchants or people with knowledge of the processing of certain goods. They can be used for a large number of transactions and are enforceable as long as they contain all the elements of a valid contract.

3. Independent Contractors You are sure to have signed contracts with any short-term advisor or collaborator you use. You can also speak with an economic or contract lawyer to ensure that the contract fulfills all the elements necessary for the contractual laws of your respective country. This is particularly true for commercial leases and employment contracts, as both may involve complex legislation. The language of the contract should specify that the company does not provide liability insurance, automobile liability insurance or other general insurance for the contractor. The contractor is not covered by the company`s liability insurance. This clause provides you with protection if the contractor causes a violation or loss. In a contract agreement, you can include terms to prevent a freelancer from disclosing information about your business. There are also concepts of non-demand and non-competition in the event of a conflict of interest in the industry or a risk of competition.