Plaintiffs Nina Greene and Gerald Greene allege that they entered into and paid for several device service agreements with Sears from 1994 to 2014, but that these agreements did not actually cover their products. I was sold an oversized heat pump in 2015, and they installed the system directly on the ground and didn`t pull the permission. I had the protection contract. The system has not been in operation since September 7, 2019. They told me that they had permission to replace the system last Thursday and that they would call me last Friday, but they would not return my calls or emails. I think one day I will have to bring them to justice to replace my system or get back to work. EMERY, SOUTH DAKOTA — I`m really at the end of my rope with all this. I called on November 12 to tell Sears that my washing machine does not pump water during certain wash cycles. It seemed like a pumping problem. Since then, I have been waiting for the washing machine to be repaired without luck. I waited all day for a service appointment, but as before, no one showed up.

Finally, towards the end of the day, I received a call from Sears asking if I wanted to take a repair date. They said I never planned an appointment for today. So why the call? After everything was said and done, they “replanted” me for January 17th. PLANO, TEXAS — The Sears Master Protection Agreement and repair service is a scam. Recently, my electric baking sheet (literally had a crack from overheating) and I had a technician come to evaluate it for repair. The technician took photos and made a video conference to show the damaged device. He left the order that I call the technical department for further instructions and that there was nothing else to do. The same garbage attracts me to Memphis Tennessee. I bought the whole cover of the house.

My washing machine make a loud noise. After 8 service calls, one transmission. New bathtub springs. This record sounds like a Sherman tank, I called Sears Holdings 30 times to talk to the team that is supposed to deal with this kind of problem. Sears Holdings told me that a new washing machine would be delivered in a week. We never received it. I called her back. They told me I had to pay for the service. I told them it was guaranteed when this chaos started almost a year ago. A please help do something above sears. You are Liers, Cheats Scam, Thieves.ill make sure anyone who hears about Sears Guarantee Protection Agreements offers you the best guaranteed protection in the industry.

If your product breaks, we fix it. You will receive unlimited service without any deductibles or fees. If we can`t repair your product, we`ll provide and install a brand new product with comparable features. It`s guaranteed. I`d like to join a complaint against Sears. The number of hours I spent going to one person and having my fridge repaired is incredible, unless you have worked with Sears. They came out 6 times and I tried to get endless times and hours to get what I think is a “ghost” dept.