Nevertheless, Mr Lloyd said that if the industrial agreement in question no longer fulfils its objective, all parties must meet and reach a new agreement. Mr Lloyd added that he was “painfully disappointed” that the trials outlined for disagreements between union members and the Department of Education had not been followed in the case. Kahlil Parker told reporters that his client wanted Judge Bernard Turner to force the Department of Education to abide by its collective agreement (CBA) with the union and to accept “an emergency plan” to resolve the “disruptions.” “This is deeply disturbing; This is worrying because, on the one hand, we have an agreement. This agreement should be respected if this agreement and its terms no longer serve the purpose for which it was originally intended and that it does not serve these objectives today, they are adults, we are intelligent and intelligent people,” he said. I am informed that there were concerns about the classroom,” he said at the time. “This issue, I will discuss, is settled. I was also advised that teachers should be unhappy with the need to swim… from one classroom to another. I understand that this issue is also being resolved. The principal of the school, with the district superintendent and our main offices, is trying to address it. According to Parker, this antagonism has materialized within the government, which has filed a petition with the Supreme Court for teachers to “get back to work without the proper procedure requested by the CBA and the Industrial Relations Act).

Yesterday, Mr. Parker detached these statements by saying, “If we try to meet staff at school, we are locked out of the door.” The department doesn`t want to see each other. You will find these technical reasons for opposing the meeting and, therefore, we are not in a position to agree on this contingency plan and, therefore, on the disruptions, and to continue it relentlessly. “If the minister wants to go on tour and party, he brings the press,” Parker said. “If he wants to paralyze the union, he will bring the press. When it comes time to show that schools are fit and fair, the press cannot come. He added: “I have seen the constant cry that teachers are not prepared and what is not, but the reality is that health and safety are a serious concern. Mold is a serious problem. These things are in the public service as a whole and the government must recognize that we must take the health of our citizens seriously.