Do you know what ALS means? We talk about the concept of this term, which is very common, and also how you can create your ALS in your business. To do this, it is necessary to remember some of the objectives of the service level agreement. They are: creating good communication between the company and the customer, improving customer satisfaction by responding to ALS, ensuring good service expectations and also ensuring the existence of measurable goals. ALS allows the company to identify other important indicators for MANAGING IT teams. When preparing for your ALS, also think about the importance of pre-defining all the points that should be respected by the parties. To cope with the maturation of the sector, it is essential to have automated and organized processes that contribute to improving the quality of the services provided. Now that you know what SLA means, you can pay attention to existing SLA models. Check out our article on this topic to help you prepare the service level agreement for your business. Just click here.

When creating your ALS, you can always pay with one thing: what type of ALS you are going to do. In this digital transformation scenario, information technology companies are experiencing a growing demand for services. As a result of ALS, we observe the optimization of time in the company and better results each time. As with any contract, rules on time, rights and obligations, as well as other important aspects of the service, are defined. This document protects all parties from their rights and obligations while the service is provided. Both the contractor and the contractor can check ALS whenever necessary or if they wish. Therefore, in such cases, fines may be imposed or even the service may be revoked at no additional cost. Try to do the best for the company and the customer. Although undesirable situations may arise during the supply, it is not interesting that the relationship with this customer is affected.

In this sense, the agreement on service levels can serve as an instrument to support possible legal action. Of course, these cases are undesirable, but they can occur, and if they do, it is important to have official documents for assistance. Therefore, in the next topic of our article, we will talk not only about what ALS means, but also about the benefits that alS brings to the organization. This is why the AES must always appreciate the good relations between the parties. Another important aspect of the document is the definition of what will happen if a point is not respected.