You should include the following information and clauses in a rental agreement: The following residential lease applies to all states except California, Florida and Washington, DC. Check in each section describing repairs and maintenance of how much to make you responsible. In a standard agreement, tenants are only responsible for repair or maintenance costs of up to $100 to $150. Although each situation is unique, I think a 2-year lease is a good idea for small homeowners. If you only manage one or two properties, you don`t want to worry about finding a new tenant each year. But if you have several properties, you`ve probably already planned some of your property management schedule, so renting a property shouldn`t be as big. Even if a two-year lease makes it difficult to increase the rent, think about how much time you spend renting a property. From emailing back and forth with potential tenants to presenting the property and checking your best candidates. I know how much time I will save more than I would have done to offset the 3% rent increase I would have calculated. The real thing to watch out for is a bad tenant with a two-year lease. But many bad tenants can be eliminated during the screening process.

Make sure you use a serious service and do your due diligence to eliminate bad tenants. A thorough screening process may reveal problems that you may have followed later. Tenants with a two-, five- or ten-year lease who are not eligible for the extension of the tenancy may be eligible for transitional assistance to help them move from a DCJ-managed property to a rental unit or to help them own a home. For more information, please see The Transitional Assistance section in this directive. Please do so before entering into your next lease. Pets – If pets are allowed in the accommodation, it should be specified. In order to contain wild animals, the lease should indicate the exact animal species and the number of animals allowed in the field. Receipt of agreement – The lease agreement is not valid unless all parties have received receipt and confirmation of the lease. Make sure all parties have received a copy and that the form becomes valid. The criteria in Section 144 for residence permits in the social housing category covered by this section are the criteria applicable when the tenancy agreement is established over a period of 2, 5 and 10 years (and in the current version) in the DCJ policy document “Type and duration of rent.”